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FREE download of 'How to Master Social Media for your Business 
FREE download of 'How to Master Social Media for your Business 
FREE download of 
‘How to Master Social Media for your Business’ 


We work with a whole host of clients in a variety of ways, such as providing one-off pieces of PR support, or monthly management of social media platforms. We understand, however, that there are times in which businesses either have their own marketing department and are looking for a bit of support or just want to brush up on their knowledge. This is where the team at Ashley Riley Communications can help. 
We provide a small number of workshops which have helped hundreds of businesses boost their marketing and communications strategies, from social media management to representing your business and presenting to an audience. 
Our Social Media Masterclass provides training on using social media for your business. As scary as it may seem, social media is an incredibly powerful tool that, when used with the right knowledge, can be a key player in your marketing strategy. There are a whole host of social media platforms out there for businesses to use, but our workshop covers three: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Over this informative, half day session, we break down each platform and how they can be used differently to benefit your business. We also cover items such as content that will best engage your audiences and tools to analyse how well your posts are doing. Before you attend the course we double check on what experience you and your business has with social media management so we can make sure we tailor our training to all skill levels in the room. 
Being a ‘face’ of your business can be a great opportunity, however, the pressures that come with such responsibilities can be quite daunting. Our Public Speaking Workshop is designed to help those who may lack confidence or struggle to address audiences, such as when presenting to a crowd or representing their business. Whether it’s learning how to improve your memory skills and banishing the dreaded ‘mind blank’ or helping you create speeches with an impact, we have it all covered. Our course teaches you the tricks of the trade to help you hold your nerves, boost your confidence, and proudly present without the ‘ums’! 
Interested in finding out more about our next workshops? Get in touch with us here. 
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